As of March 30, 2021, Forestry Camp will be open for indoor and outdoor dining Tues-Sun until 10PM. Click this banner for more COVID 19 Updates.

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A Note About Reservations

Forestry Camp Restaurant

Our indoor dining room offers a dinner menu curated by Executive Chef, JT DeBrie, featuring small plates, entrees, shareable plates, and sides. Our 5-course tasting menu is also offered daily with rotating dishes highlighting farm-fresh, local, seasonal ingredients.

The tasting menu is $58 per person (tax and gratuity not included). The tasting menu is available until 8:30 PM in order to ensure enough time to enjoy the full experience. We also ask that the entire table participate in the tasting menu to ensure service. Wine and Burial beer pairings are also available as well as a full beverage list of wine, beer, cocktails, espresso, and non-alcoholic options.

The Outpost at Forestry Camp

For a more laid-back experience, The Outpost at Forestry Camp offers a menu featuring snacks, small plates, sandwiches, and sides. Enjoy our covered or uncovered picnic areas, our covered Overlook rooftop deck, or our downstairs indoor seating. No reservations are needed for The Outpost, once you arrive you will order food and drinks at the bar.

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Hours & Location


Sunday 12:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Monday Closed
Tuesday 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Wednesday 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Thursday 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Friday 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Saturday 12:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Map of Burial Beer Company's Forestry Camp Restaurant And Bar at 16 Shady Oak Drive Asheville NC 28803
10 Shady Oak Dr. Asheville, NC 28803
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What is Forestry Camp?

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The camp (6 buildings on 2 acres) was built by the U.S. Government briefly after Franklin D. Roosevelt established the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) on April, 5 1933. The CCC was part of his New Deal legislation, combating high unemployment during the Great Depression by putting hundreds of thousands of young men to work on environmental conservation projects. The men stationed here helped construct the iconic Blue Ridge Parkway, along with many other public works, until the program concluded in 1942.

Cocktail at Burial Beer Company's Forestry Camp bar and restaurant, located in As

The property remained almost completely dormant until it was purchased by Burial Beer Co. in 2015. Over the course of the next few years, revitalization was completed on 5 of the 6 buildings. They now house a production brewery, corporate offices, and multiple barrel-aging facilities. After painstaking efforts to preserve the original structure, the 6th and final building became home to Forestry Camp.

We continue to be inspired by the impact the property's rich history had on Western North Carolina - a place we are proud to call home. We have embraced the opportunity to preserve the property, tell the story and create a dining experience and menu that celebrates the philosophies of preservation as well as our local agricultural community.

We are proud to announce that Forestry Camp was one of the 2020 Recipients of the Griffin Award presented by the Preservation Society of Asheville.

About the Menu:

Forestry Camp provides a unique journey through a menu rich with inspiration and storytelling. Our chefs partner with the local community of farmers and purveyors, turning to the bounty of Appalachia for fresh, local, and in-season ingredients.

Whole animal butchery provides the opportunity to work closely with farmers intentionally raising cows, pigs, chicken, and fish. Relationships are built to procure these animals with a goal of honoring the agricultural process of raising livestock and utilizing every part on our menus.

Preservation allows Forestry Camp to partner with local growers by investing in fresh produce to preserve and incorporate into the menu throughout the year. The practice of preservation is woven into the ethos of Forestry Camp from preserving food, to traditional practices and restoration of the historic property.

Our ingredients tell a story in every meal, a story of tradition, connection, preparation, and culture.

Forestry Camp Restaurant

Our upstairs dining room offers two culinary experiences, our Dinner Menu and our Tasting Menu Experience.

The Dinner Menu includes Small Plates and Sides, Prepared for You entrees, Sourced to Share plates and boards, and Dessert. The Tasting Menu Experience offers 5 courses from our Executive Chef, JT DeBrie. The Tasting Menu continually rotates to offer variety and showcase seasonal offerings.

The Outpost at Forestry Camp

The Outpost at Forestry Camp provides a casual experience in our outdoor and downstairs indoor spaces. The menu reflects Forestry Camp's philosophy of community, preservation, and whole animal butchery through Snacks, Small Plates and Sides, Boards, Sandwiches, Shareables and Sweets.

About the Beverages:

Forestry Camp completes the experience with our carefully curated beverage program. Inspired by the founders of Burial Beer Co., our restaurant showcases craft beverage at its finest. Winemakers, distillers, and craft brewers from around the country and world are featured on our list.

The Outpost at Forestry Camp highlights our deep connection to the beer industry with a variety of draft beer as well as draft cocktails, wine by the glass and a select wine by the bottle list. Our beer list features a variety of styles on draft as well as cans and bottles. Burial Beer Co. taproom only beers, as well as regular fan favorites, make their way to the taps. Other taps rotate through VISUALS cider, made on the property at Forestry Camp, and beer from other inspirational craft brewers that are not otherwise available in North Carolina.

Upstairs, in addition to draft beer, made to order Camp Cocktails and an extended by the bottle list perfectly compliment the Forestry Camp culinary experience. Sommelier selected wine pairings are also available to enhance the 5-course Tasting Menu. Forestry Camp focuses on wine makers who have a story, whose passion impacts the profile of the wine as much as the soil where the grapes are grown. Recently, Burial Beer Co. launched VISUALS wine and vermouth which is also available by the bottle and featured in several cocktails at Forestry Camp.

To complete your night, Forestry Camp provides espresso service utilizing only the finest coffees from Counter Culture Coffee, Kuma Coffee, Onyx Coffee Lab, and others to celebrate craft roasters around the country. Teas from Inari Tea and herbal offerings from Asheville Tea Company are brewed with patience and intention prior to being delivered to your table.

About the Makers:

While Appalachia is comprised of an agricultural community rich in history and tradition, the craftspeople of Western North Carolina play a vital role in the culinary "table". Local potters hand-fired the plates and table settings while local woodworkers elegantly designed our bar front and tables using 100-year-old pine from the building, preserving every last detail. The artists of this community are creative, they are intentional, they give us beauty, and encompass an array of artistic expressions.

About the People:

Jeremiah (JT) DeBrie, Forestry Camp Bar and Restaurant’s Chef de Cuisine is a chef as well as a butcher. At the age of 14, JT landed his first job at the Etowah BBQ Shak in Brevard, NC and he's been working in restaurants and with whole pigs ever since. After training at the California Culinary Academy, JT spent years gaining experience around the country. Today, he focuses his energy on whole animal butchery, allowing guests to connect to the richness of local farming for a unique culinary experience.

“We want to use the best ingredients from our area and with meat, I feel an obligation to make a commitment to our farmers by doing what helps them the most, which is regularly purchasing whole animals. By taking on the whole animal and utilizing all the different parts, we get the opportunity to share a wide variety of cuts with our guests as well as supporting the farmers. Just like with vegetables, when receiving such large quantities at a time, there is a need for preservation in order to not let anything go to waste. This added layer leads to many more unique opportunities, both for our guests in their dining experience as well as for ourselves and our staff to continue to be educated.” - JT DeBrie

Luke Danner, Forestry Camp Bar and Restaurant's Bar Manager started working in the food and beverage industry at 16 years old. After earning his stripes washing dishes at a local restaurant in Boone, NC, he continued his journey learning the inner workings of restaurants. Many years after transitioning to wine and cocktails, he joined the Forestry Camp team prior to opening and has been providing guests with opportunities to explore craft beverages ever since.

"We curate a wine and beer list that reflects our personal taste, as well as pairing well with the cuisine. With the natural wine movement dominating the scene lately, I've steered our list closer to the middle by showcasing more classic European producers that have been focusing on sustainability and quality for generations. Our glass menu is split between old world wines for their food-friendliness and up and coming European inspired American wines unique to the states. Our beer program is about as personal as it gets. We showcase breweries that we work closely with on a regular basis, sourcing directly from them most times. The beer list represents a more modern approach stylistically, catering primarily to American-style IPAs and intensely fruited sours. Our cocktails come from a classic school of thought as well, minimal ingredients are used to create bold, approachable flavors."

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